Top 3: Pamela Love

Pamela Love’s brilliantly bold jewelry has revolutionized the way we accessorize. Replacing dainty pendants with crow skulls, stylists often reach for the jewelry designer’s pieces to offset the femininity of their client’s look. But as eagle claw cuffs are quite the contrast to your run-of-the-mill stacked bangles, what inspires Pamela to design on the wild side? “My last two collections were inspired greatly by two road trips I took — one to Arizona and Mexico and the second one through New Mexico. I was heavily influenced by the imagery, as well as the Native American and Mexican cultures and rituals,” she says. “I am also inspired greatly by jewelry from Nigeria.” Given her selection of travel muses, there’s no doubt that much of Pamela’s work pays homage to the tradition of indigenous animal jewelry, invoking power and energy into its wearers.

In addition to cultural influence, Love — who also comes from a stylist and musician background — is driven to create art that represents her plethora of interests. “Music, travel, art, film, religion, magic, science, nature … I am inspired by so much that it’s hard to really pinpoint one thing,” says Pamela. Not only celebrating beautiful beasts, Pamela’s unisex collections also salute tribal artifacts such as arrowheads, feathers, crosses, and daggers. Revealing that she’s already working on her next collection, we’ll sit back and watch Pamela Love continue to design a brave new world for the fashion industry.


1. Lindsey ThornburgHarding Sunset Cloak – “This cloak is warm, beautiful, comfortable, and has huge pockets. I wear it all the time.”

2. Bliss LauTrivium Bracelet – “It’s really tough and delicate at the same time — a nice contrast to my own jewelry.”

3. BessStudded Silk Kimono – “I love this because you can throw it on top of anything and look awesome. Plus, I’m a sucker for studs. I’m waiting for them to get the velvet ones in stock again. I’m dying for a second Bess kimono!”

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