These Are the iPhone Apps You Should Download this Month

Fargo Soundboard [Free]
When the Coen brothers made Fargo, their big-time paean to small-town crime, they did not anticipate the film would rack up two Oscars.that, they thought, was rarer than a snowball in hell. Little did they know that 15 years later some crazy computer jockey would honor their classic with a compendium of memorable soundbites. All the .Minnesota nice. colloquialisms are here to remind you that .You betcha!. was a catchphrase long before that dame from Wasilla claimed it as her own.

Despite the misleading name, this app does not chronicle the many Manolos of one Carrie Bradshaw. What it does is generate a personalized fashion show inspired by the best street style in Paris and New York (sorry, Milan). Download looks from the models, editors, and buyers who swarm Fashion Week and set them slideshow-style to your favorite Ting Tings track. The result is far more lively than your average style blog.
One day, you.ll be able to sit your grandchildren down and say, .I was there.. They.ll say, .For what, Grand-Mé?. That.s whenyou’ll take the heart-shaped locket from around your neck, open it, and reveal the faded image of Edward Cullen.s porcelain visage. Yes, you old were once a Twihard. And because been so devoted to the lusty vampire saga, you.ll definitely want this official Twilight movies app to get up-to-the-minute news about this month.s The Twilight Saga.Breaking Dawn, Part 1. (Also to post threats to Kristen Stewart on the public message board.) Now can we please stop talking to the future you?
It.s confusing.
This portable portal into the past lets you snap a photo of your local cityscape and find out what was there before all those Wal-Marts. Pivot with the compass to find nearby windows onto history, then examine the historic photographs uploaded by your neighbors. A transition fade effect lets you superimpose the vintage view onto the contemporary, observing what has changed for better or worse. At the very least you’ll travel back in time to last year, when augmented reality was
all the rage.
iSpoof Walken [$0.99]
Before Fatboy Slim and Spike Jonze teamed up to convert Christopher Walken into a cult-y kook, he was still kinda just didn.t know it. Now that the secret.s out, some savvy app developers have taken advantage of Walken.s peculiar brand of weirdness to create this ode to the arch duke of halting speech. Each item in the interactive .personal study. has a story behind it. With one touch of a finger, you can call upon the Walken avatar to predict the future, bro down on his favorite sports, sing, and even swear at you. Think of him as the crazy uncle you never knew you wanted.
The A.V. Club is about as serious as the Onion gets. In the special entertainment section, the paper’s legendary satirists let their pop culture nerd-flags fly. Now this dedicated film app lets you power-gorge on all the movie news, interviews, features, and reviews you can cram into your cranium. When finished absorbing the Onion.s unique take on the film festival circuit, turn to special features like the New Cult Canon and Scenic Routes.
Among the many fine attributes of alcohol.including its ability to render dinner with your parents a tolerable the fact that it lends itself to experimentation. With Pocket Cocktails, you can finally unlock the Secrets of the Spirits. The exhaustive recipe Rolodex includes exotic drinks with names like the Presbyterian and the Missouri Mule. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, then compare your work to the high-quality images. And to think all this time,
you thought a vodka tonic was as good as it gets.
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