The Gift Guide To End All Gift Guides

Navigating the holidays can be a taxing affair. But don’t worry, someone has your back. Retailers are making it easier and easier to reap the benefits of Black Friday from the comfort of your bedroom, with many online sales beginning days before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, they don’t do much in the way of helping you decide what to get for your loved ones. Enter Svpply–a social bookmarking site for retail.

Think of it as a ffffound or delicious for things you’d like to purchase. Adding the social network component, you can now see what your friends and family are bookmarking; there’s even a toggle for whether it’s an item they’ve purchased. And if you thought it couldn’t get any easier, Svpply has created holiday gift guides with amazing recommendations in every category imaginable (even booze). With hope, we’ll never see another fruit cake as long as we live.

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