So Appy Together: This Spring’s Best New Android Apps

Get appy with this season’s five best Android apps! Turn into a cartoon, firm your tush, and take a stroll around New York City’s most peaceful parts. When you’re done, sit on a bench and navigate our listings straight from your phone. 

BlackBook City Guides [Free]:So perhaps we’re “tooting our own horn,” blaring it, perhaps. But when you’re the leading non-user generated City Guide on the whole market, why not shout it to the world! This little app gives you access to the insider-scoop, pictures, and special offers in 65 cities worldwide – written by locals, for locals. Find out where the best seaside seafood spot is in the French Riviera, which hotel has the gasp-inducing view of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and what New York salon gives you complimentary shots of moonshine.

Peaceful Places: New York City [$9.99]: Serenity in New York – sounds like an oxymoron or charmingly antiquated folk tale. Before this app, it was. But with 100 Peaceful Place: New York City, serenity in this city actually becomes a tangible destination.  In the 345 pages, author Evelyn Kanter guides you to the 129 most restorative, diverse, and hidden oases across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Stroll through the tucked-away parks, promenades, and gardens, and pursue the dainty shops and quaint streets few know about. All the spots are classified according to area, alphanumeric, and category – and most of the sites are free, which is calming in itself. 

Cartoon Camera [Free]: Maybe you’ve always coveted Marge’s frizz-free, beehive bouffant on The Simpsons. Or perhaps you’ve secretly wished your cat looked like Garfield. Yearn, no more! With this app, your entire world becomes a colorful cartoon. The app transforms everything you see through your camera lens into real-time sketches of cartoon, sepia, dark and light strokes, and edges. Capture the image with a click of a button, auto-focus, and zoom in on an especially cartoonish and fuzzy piece of lint under your sofa.

Fitness Buddy [$.99]: "Fitness Buddy?" More like the "Goodbye, My Expensive Personal Trainer" app. For under $1, you gain access to 75 curated workout routines for men and women, each customized to whichever goal you wish to achieve (firming your tush, getting a six-pack, etc.) There are also 1,700 equipment and body part-targeted exercises, and thousands of high-def videos and photos so you can actually understand what the heck you’re trying to do. The best part: you can track and graph your progress based on your body weight and body measurements.

Crackle [Free]: When you’re stuck on a 12-hour family car trip to Yellowstone National Park, or your roommate and his "friend" are snogging and hogging the sofa in front of the TV, Crackle is your escape. Watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV shows using your Wi-Fi and 3G connection. Browse by genre, and gorge on episodes of Seinfeld and Groundhog Day for free, in the comfort of your own personal space. Twenty new movies and TV shows are added monthly, so expect a whole bunch more additions to your very urgent to-do list.

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