Shopping Hit List: Character USB Flash Drives

Jump drives, or flash drives–however you want to call them–are so ubiquitous that companies have begun competing for your buck by turning the drives into little characters so cute you don’t know whether to plug them into a USB port or give them a big smooch. Here are five of our favorites. 

Red Angry Birds Thumb Drive $20, 4GB – Also good for throwing at pigs.
Batman Mimobot USB $36, 2GB – Mimobot meets the Caped Crusader. (They eventually fall in love.) 
MBMJ Miss Marc Flash Key Chain $42, 2GB – Marc Jacob’s iconic Miss Marc figurine sports an eccentric new outfit this season. She looks good when she wears it well.
Mummy USB Flash $30, 4GB – This flash from the past is based on the Eighteenth Dynasty, featuring a mummy which stores memory.
Lego Minifig Drive $25, 2GB – Pull the pants down on this Lego figure to access data using the hidden flash drive.
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