Screen Saviors: The Best New iPhone Apps for March

Get appy with this month’s seven best iPhone apps! Create a song, make some potions, date a human, admire your anatomy. Then, set your alarm for when the world ends. With that iPhone in your palm and these apps fully downloaded, anything is truly possible. 

Ditch the gawking tourists at that creepy Bodies exhibition, chuck that seven pound anatomy textbook, and pick up this teensy little app. With Visible Body, you can take a gander at your guts thanks to fully interactive, rotating 3D models of the machinery that keeps you chugging along. Admire the nimbleness of your skeletal system, examine your thorax and the middle lobe of your right lung, and zoom in on your left pectoralis major. With more than 2,500 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the male and female body, this just might be the most exciting breakthrough since you discovered that 1970s physiology picture book in your school library.

TWC TV [Free]
Can’t keep up with the Kardashians? Desperate for some more housewives? It’s Time Warner Cable to the rescue! (Did we just say that?) If you’re a TWC subscriber, you can watch live cable TV straight from your phone, program and manage your DVR from the kitchen, search for shows by title and genre from your bed, and set your favorite channels from the toilet. Why? Because you love television that much. The one catch: it only works within the home. While it would be glorious to watch The Price Is Right while eating a bagel at work, the phone has to be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network to function. Yeah, it sucks, but remember: it’s TWC. You’ll never be fully satisfied.

Congratulations! You just inherited the hottest apothecary shop from your fairy godmother. You now have access to the cleverest of charms and evilest of elixirs. Go forth and harvest ingredients for potions, improve your street cred by customizing your shop, and act as witch doctor to wizards, voyagers, and whimsical tourists. With a tinge of magic and technology, you can transform your modest corner shop into a mystical Whole Foods. Godspeed.

Just when you thought online dating was all about stalking, lewd messages, and selective profile pictures, here comes Tingle, an app that’s actually looking out for your safety. Thanks to its voice chat option, you can talk via phone with a potential date without ever exchanging numbers. Customizable discovery tools help identify other singles near you to control how often, where, and when you’d like to be contacted. The Karma feature discourages people from setting up phony profiles and harassing other members by rewarding more considerate users with better connection opportunities. Think of it as an enhanced, more chaperoned Facebook, without the schizophrenic interface and your mom trying to friend you.

We resolve to go to the gym, we lose the motivation, we eat our body weight in Ben & Jerry’s, life goes on. But with an enterprising mix of bribery and technology, GymPact wills you to hop on the treadmill by waving a bundle of dollars at you. Decide how often you’re going to work out a week (your pact), commit a certain amount of money to each session, and check into the gym using your phone. If you miss out on a session, the money is drained from your account and into the pockets of those Adonis types who actually put in their time on the elliptical. The more days you commit, the more money you earn. Trim your waist, bulk up your wallet.

A paean to the music-making masses, the mobile version of GarageBand is even simpler and more accessible than its desktop counterpart. Use multi-touch gestures and "smart instruments" to create a variety of stylized sounds. Tap out beats from a vintage drum kit, pluck an upright bass, or dot the keys of a soul organ. When you want to capture the thrill of the live performance, plug in your guitar and microphone, press record, and send your songs straight to GarageBand or your iTunes library. In true pop star fashion, you can finally make music without knowing a single note.

2012 MAYAN ALARM [Free]
When the world ends for the second time on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11:11 a.m., you’ll be the first to know. Thanks to this app, an alarm will chime, signifying the close of the Mayan Calendar and the celebration of the “beginning of a New Age.” The chime comes in a variety of binaural tones, all of which help induce relaxation, meditation, and creativity as the world ends. Of course, that’s if you can hear your phone amid all the chaos, screams, and, you know, burning to death.

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