Party With Cavalli

Recession? What recession? Designer Roberto Cavalli is carrying on like it’s still the mid-aughts by teaming up with Pragma Group to open five Cavalli Clubs and 15 Cavalli Cafés over the next five years, according to WWD. Cavalli hopes this new business venture “will further expand the network of clubs for entertaining my followers in some of the most important cities in the world.” For now the city sites include locations across the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America, including Beirut, Istanbul, Mumbai, Shanghai, and São Paulo.

According to WWD, Cavalli’s first Cavalli Club opened in December 2008 in Florence in a 15th-century deconsecrated church with a lounge bar and a restaurant, followed in May 2009 by the opening of a club in Dubai, which, with its opulent Italian restaurant, sushi bar, and nightclub, cost almost $30 million.

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