Pamela Love Designs Luxurious Armor

I spoke to Pamela Love earlier this year about the inspiration behind her awesomely animalistic aesthetic. For Spring/Summer 2011, Love kept it tribal but experimented with new shapes, like a weighty spike in various finishes for cuffs, necklaces, and earrings. She also debuted a touch of luxury this go round, setting some pieces with champagne diamonds, sapphires, and quartz crystals. But baubles like voodoo-skull and wooden-tarot pendants confirm that she hasn’t left the Old World just yet.


Perhaps the best thing about this collection is how Love plays with volume more than ever, evident in the Five Point Star, Moon, and Disc Cuffs. Extending outward instead of banding the arm, these cuffs are quite prominent and a little dangerous, which I like. Shop Pamela Love here.

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