Openings: FSC Barber, New York

imageWho’d have thought you could build an empire in the hopelessly ill-mannered contemporary New York City by reviving the aesthetics of 19th-century gentleman hunters and topping them off with a dollop of good ol’ Southern gentility? But Taavo Somer and Sam Buffa’s Freemans Sporting Club and Freeman’s restaurant, indeed, came on the scene like Adolf Loos and Philippe Stark never happened, and became de facto hipster stomping grounds. Now they takes their act West, with FSC Barber opening this week on a charming corner of Horatio Street.

Buffa conceived the shop as a throwback to 1930s Art Deco, with antique oak floors, distinctly old-fashioned lighting fixtures, and those truly classic vintage barber chairs evocative of breezy, pre-Sally Herschberger times. Treatments include their custom hangover remedy (sorry, Emo dudes), and if you’ve got an extra $1,500, you can walk away with your own custom, monogrammed FSC Barber Mastodon razor. Truly, the barber of the ‘Vill.

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