Now You Can Pose Like a Social Shopping Pro

Without skipping a beat, fashion in 2011 is already off to the digital start we anticipated — and the latest venture to emerge is near and dear to us. Former BlackBook Fashioneer blogger Alisa Gould-Simon has launched Pose, a mobile-based platform that’s set to change the concept of in-store shopping as we know it.

“The idea came from the realization that smart phones and the mobile internet have the power to transform the shopping experience,” says Gould-Simon, who is the Marketing & Communications Director behind the Santa Monica-based startup which also comprises of a CEO, a designer, and three engineers. “Pose is looking to capture and enhance this experience.” Here’s the flow: once you download the free mobile app (currently only available for iPhone; a version for Android is coming soon), head out and start shopping. Once you come across a serious steal or an item you’re on the fence about and need an audience to weigh-in on, Pose allows you to snap a photo in it (or of it, if you’re feeling camera shy), tag the price and retail location, and add your own comment. From there you can instantly share your “Pose” (see a few samples below) with specific contacts via email or tell all your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. You are then notified of feedback via push notifications or within the app itself. Genius, right? Gone are the days of sharing mirror picture poses without purpose.


Now that Pose is here to streamline how we share our in-store retail finds, we can’t help but ask whether the recent e-commerce boom is a threat or ally to the service. “E-commerce is growing at an extremely rapid rate, but there will always be a place for in-store shopping. People still want to try on clothing and accessories, and, especially with regard to investment pieces, people still want to actually feel the product before they commit,” Gould-Simon explains. “Pose intends to capture that experience and the conversations that it leads to. Pose is working to close the loop between in-store and online shopping, so e-commerce is an ally and part of the Pose vision.” And as far as enhancements go, the team is open to ideas: “There is a lot of potential for evolution and development within the Pose app. We’re all ears right now with regard to our users voicing to us what they want to get out of and takeaway from Pose. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us and we’re eager to see what the public can teach us about the in-store shopping experience and how we can create a product that brings them real value throughout that experience.”

Another key feature of the service is the “Posers” feed, which features items shopped by a select group of fashion experts, including casting agent Natalie Joos, celebrity stylist Melis Kulis, style blogger Geri Hirsh, and even the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine. “Our Posers have been amazing and their shares have received an incredible response so far. I’d love to continue seeing our Posers consist of feverish shoppers who are also tech savvy and love to start conversations about fashion with their audiences,” notes Gould-Simon. With an already impressive list of Posers, who would the fashioneer like to see join the roster? “Twitter and Facebook are perfect platforms for starting these conversations so any designer, stylist or fashion lover with a sizeable social network would make for a great Poser. That said, in an ideal world, I’d love to have Anna Dello Russo.” An ADR personal shopping feed? That would be so major. Congrats on the launch, Alisa!

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