Not an Editor’s Letter: Liam Gallagher

I’ve always been into clothes, and I take inspiration from so many people. Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones and George Harrison from the Beatles looked cool; Paul McCartney always looked like a nerd, but we forgave him for that because he had a top voice and wrote top tunes; Jimi Hendrix always looked pretty wild, which I liked. Kids these days, they don’t really know that period. I started my own label, Pretty Green, with the hope of bringing late-’60s British classics to the masses.

There’s nothing modern here — it’s not a ’90s line. I came up with the idea while sitting around the pool one day with not a lot to do. It was just shoes at first. I got a few guys to help me, and now we’ve done a deal with Clarks. No huge changes, just making them a bit more mine: lower the heel here, do this there. So that was cool. Then I realized I could really start making clothes. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not doing anything new with these clothes. But I am tweaking it a bit. When I get it right, it feels really good. And it means I don’t have to buy new clothes anymore.

Here’s the thing about jeans: You can go around the block and get all these new designs, but you always come back to Levi’s. I check out what’s new and what’s out there, but it’s always about Levi’s. All this True Religion shit — I don’t want to start going off, but I don’t like designer jeans. Stick with Wrangler jeans. If they were good enough for the cowboys, then they’re fucking good enough for me. D’you know what I mean? I feel really good at the moment. If I weren’t doing Pretty Green, or working on this new record, I’d probably be sitting around being pretty bitter. But life’s too short.

Blazer, shirt and jeans by Pretty Green

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