New York Dog Nanny Sets Up Pop-Up Dog Grooming Service in Madison Square Park

Tourists and Manhattanites alike come to Madison Square Park for lots of reasons: al fresco dining, leisurely strolls, watching conservancy concerts, a stop-over en route to work or to the Merchandise Mart. But thanks to a partnership between Intuit GoPayment and New York Dog Nanny, for a day, Madison Square Park became the spot of a pop-up dog-grooming service. Although the campaign is intended to raise awareness about the possibilities of mobile small businesses with credit card processing, but obviously the most important thing to note here is how elaborate the setup is for a pop-up business: there’s a big sofa, and a white picket fence enclosure, and all the trapping needed for proper dog grooming, and, of course, a chandelier. Outside. That, and all the cute dogs who were part of this grand experiment. 

Intuit worked in two other cities to create pop-up businesses for their "Get Business Growing" campaign: a barbershop in Austin, Texas and a mobile driving range in Seattle. You can watch the spot for Intuit and New York Dog Nanny below. Even if it doesn’t inspire you to seek mobile / pop-up services for your small businesses, there are still plenty of fluffy dogs to awwwwwwww at. 

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