Money Can’t Buy You Happiness, But It Can Buy You Shoes

What is with women and shoe shopping? Is it the way a pair of Louboutins make our legs look a mile long? Is it the sweet smell of buttery leather Prada boots? Or perhaps, that technically, we can get away with wearing our favorite pair every day if we choose to do so? I’m not sure what the allure is exactly, but one thing is certain: we love our shoes. We can have 100 pairs and it’s still not enough. We will suffer immensely for the sake of fashion and a great pair of shoes. We have entire websites dedicated to shoes. We even look at shoes on men. I have a friend who will not give a guy a chance if he’s wearing, in her opinion, “bad shoes.” So let’s look at some beautiful shoes that we would dump our boyfriends for and blow entire paychecks on. Here’s the dream team of foot candy. And, if you need your fix, Net-a-Porter is having a huge sale!

Above: Alexander McQueen Snakeskin Peep-Toe Pumps, $647.50.

Christian Louboutin Canon 140 Booties, $1,295.


Jimmy Choo Fever Chain Sandals in black zebra-print suede, $985.99.


Prada Loafer Booties, $895.


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