Man Buys ‘Poodles,’ Gets Ferrets On Steroids With Perms

Picking a pet is hard. There is so much to consider: how much space it needs, what your own routine is like, whether your asshole roommate will mind. There’s also the matter of knowing what the hell you want to buy really looks like. This part is essential if you want to buy poodles, and not ferrets made to look (kind of) like poodles.

An Argentine man is upset about spending $150 on a pair of toy purebreds that turned out to be “Brazilian rats,” or ferrets, who had been given steroids and had their coats fluffed out somewhat for a misleading, nearly-canine appearance—giving life to what till now could only be considered a popular urban legend.

Is $75 a good deal for a mutant ferret? Probably not. But if the guy seriously didn’t notice a problem until he went to the vet, he should just embrace this. Become the “poodle ferret” man, and let people take pictures with him/them for a small fee. Really I’m more curious about the groomer tasked with teasing out all that fur, and if they thought it better not to ask.

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