Machine-A Transforms the Online Shopping Experience

London-based boutique Machine-A is known for bringing cutting-edge, emerging talent to the forefront. Their well-edited collection of hard-to-find pieces from an impressive roster of cult designers like Gabriella Marina Gonzalez has even Lady Gaga flocking to the store on a regular basis. What was previously a destination limited to foot traffic, the store recently branched out to the world of e-commerce by launching an online store earlier this month. But as with everything Machine-A does, there’s an avant-garde twist: each look in the e-shop is presented in video format, allowing the viewer to watch the pieces in action.

Styled by Anna Trevelyan—an influential stylist who assists BFA winner Nicola Formichetti on projects for Lady Gaga—the sci-fi/gothic looks are clickable, allowing the user to review full details and buy specific pieces worn by the model. Although Machine-A’s interactive approach isn’t necessarily going to generate more sales than your average static e-shop, it sure makes browsing more fun.

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