Los Angeles: Speed Shopping on Montana Avenue

Strapped for time, but not for cash? Get spendy on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. Start at Montana Avenue and 16th Street, then work your way towards the ocean.

a.b.s. by Allen Schwartz – Fashion for the backstage side of the Hollywood industry. ● Margaret OLeary – Not just fashion for an Aunt Doris; fresh looks for the on the go girls. ● Cabana: Swinging 60s poolside Palm Beach party fun for the family.

Raw Style Gallery – It’s flashy, it’s catchy, it’s the jingle you can’t get out of your head. Everyone wants a piece. It’s pop art! ● The Blue Jeans Bar – Sit down, put down those heavy shopping bags, rest your feet, and buy some denim! ● The Blue House – Antique pieces create stories still untold. ● Planet Blue – Easy California fashion. Do’s and don’ts made simple. Looks made popular by the celebs. ● London Sole – Whatever the look. A mod girl, a hippy girl, a punk rock girl, or a drag queen — there’s a pair of ballerina flats with her name stitched on it. ● Moselle on Montana – Celebrity leading ladies break out the black AMEX and do their part to help resuscitate the economy. ● Every Picture Tells a Story – Imaginations in process for kids and adults who remain young at heart. ● Jeany – Jeans, need I say more? Cause there isn’t any anything more.

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