Kindle Fire Allows More Annoying Multitasking With Added ‘X-Ray For TV’ Features

I don’t know about you, but it takes me roughly four to five hours to watch a two-hour movie in my apartment. It’s not because I live in some wormhole in which time is meaningless or anything; rather, I tend to sit in close proximity to my iPhone or laptop whenever watching TV, so that, at the drop of a hat, I can pause anything any go immediately to the internet to find the answers to queries like, "Who is that actress," "Is this guy actually British," and "Did this get an Oscar nomination for anything, because it shouldn’t have." Now it looks like I’d never have to do that, thanks to Amazon and IMDb.

Owners of the Kindle Fire are surely aware of the X-Ray feature when watching a movie on their device: with one tap, users can look up information on IMDb corresponding to the movie they’re watching. I haven’t used the feature myself—I have an old-fashioned Kindle, the kind that only lets you read books (boring!)—but I imagine you can look up all the goofs and the trivia and the soundtrack listings so much easier than, say, watching a movie on your BIG TV and, ugh, having to reach over and PICK UP A LAPTOP, ugh, and TYPING THINGS, ugggggh, what a nightmare. Now, all of the information you ever need is right there. And the big news today: Amazon and IMDb are expanding the X-Ray features to include TV shows

Honestly, I am conflicted about this. Can you imagine how David Lynch, who famously hates the idea of people watching movies on their phones, would feel about you clicking all over Naomi Watts’s face while watching Mulholland Drive to see if she’s done any other girl-on-girl scenes in film? Of course, I’m a big offender—there have been several instances of "NO PHONES!" being shouted before watching movies with friends in my apartment. Wouldn’t it be nice, maybe, to just sit back, relax, and watch a movie without finding other ways to cram our brains with content, content, content? 

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