Kate Middleton Uses Personal Shopper for Upcoming Trip, Still Owns Her Style

In case you didn’t get the royal memo, the ever-fabulous Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, can do no wrong. As Britain’s most visible fashion icon for the foreseeable future, everyone knows that she doesn’t need (or want) a stylist. However, Middleton recently employed the services of at least two personal shoppers in preparation for her upcoming trip to Canada and California. The slender brunette has been working with personal shoppers at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges to build about 40 different outfits for the grand tour. Does this mean she’s no longer averse to accepting a little wardrobe help from the common folk?

Not really. A personal shopper is quite different from a stylist. Personal shoppers select clothes from their own stores, running and fetching different sizes and colors while their clients sip cappuccino in some private lounge most of us will never see. While they might offer the odd suggestion for shoes or accessories, they don’t provide much creative direction. So no fear, Kate fans. She’s still the driving force of her own glorious style.

She should be. After all, she styled herself all the way to the top. Remember when Will and Kate temporarily broke up in 2007? She definitely came out the victor after joining a winning rowing crew, working on her rocking bod, flitting about London town with other handsome men, getting back with Will, becoming an internationally recognized fashion icon, and locking down the role of future queen of England. That breakup couldn’t have gone any better for her.

And now Kate the Great and her wonderful wardrobe will be the center of attention during the eleven-day tour de America, while William’s greatest responsibility will be to hide his growing bald spot. Perhaps he should work with a stylist to find something a bit more exciting than his typical blue jacket/dark tie ensembles. Until then, we will be waiting in anticipation for every photo of Kate in the next It Dress. The Internet might shut down when eager buyers crash the e-commerce sites of her royal retailers.

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