Italian Cat Inherits $13.4 Million

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It’s a rags to riches story for Tommaso, a former stray who after the death of his owner has just lucked into the title of World’s Richest Cat by being left  $13.4 million worth of properties around Italy. Groan.

No matter how you feel about adorable animals or how many cats doing cute things–like singing The Muppet’s songs or yawning–videos you watch per day, this is still annoying.  Will Tommaso now be rolling around in caviar-lace catnapped or will he buy a tiny miniature Rolls Royce?  No, which is why these proposed activities are only slightly less ridiculous than leaving your cat, who will do absolutely nothing with it, so much money. 

In this case, he may eventually use his dough for good. As part of the will, the cash will eventually be handed over to "the animal welfare body or association to which to leave the inheritance and the task of looking after the cat Tommaso”.

Under Italian law an animal cannot inherit any money and as of now, the lawyers have not been able to find a place that can guarantee the cats comfort. Instead, it has been entrusted to a woman named Stefania who met Tommaso’s owner in the park and ended up taking care of the old woman until she died.

This isn’t the first time an animal has been left a fortune. It’s kind of par for the course for old, eccentric, wealthy types who have no heirs. Gunther IV, an Alsatian who inherited from his father Gunther III, is worth an insane $372 million. Blackie, a British cat, was left $15.6 million by his owner.