Introducing Your New Addiction: WikiMaze

Imagine if Wikipedia founder and fundraising genius Jimmy Wales consummated his crush on Jeopardy silver fox Alex Trebek. Assuming Trebek could bear children, they’d give birth to WikiMaze, an addictive new trivia app that flips Wikipedia entries upside down and turns them into questions.

The brainchild of honcho and MIT wizard Ben Gleitzman, WikiMaze is the sort of engaging, educational use of technology that’s sure to get you kicked off American Airlines prior to take-off. Down the line, Gleitzman—part of the brainy posse that just auctioned off Hunch to eBay for $80 million—promises users will be able to curate their own categories, meaning you can answer art questions if you’re not into field sports, quantum mechanics queries if you ain’t into Hollywood starlets, or curate your own quiz on the Kama Sutra.

There’s currently a free version you can play on that will render on any mobile device, a souped up paid version on iTunes, and a tequila drinking version coming to a bar near you. The best part, it directs you to the correct Wikipedia entry when you guess wrong, so you leave the whole experience just a little bit smarter than when you first ambled into the maze. Mr. Baldwin, we’re going to have to ask you to put yourself on airplane mode, sir. 

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