Industry Insiders: UNTUCKit’s Founder Chris Riccobono

“The best ideas are ones that solve problems for yourself,” says Chris Riccobono. And with the creation of his shirt company UNTUCKit, he did exactly that. After years of being fed up with wearing button-down shirts that were too long or too tight (thus, necessitating tucking) Riccobono launched UNTUCKit, a collection of men’s shirts that look good untucked and fit a variety of men’s body types –  the first of its kind.

Since its debut, such celebrities as Channing Tatum and Matt Damon have been seen wearing the shirts, and the fan base just keeps expanding, from men in their twenties to sixties – to women. “I receive orders from women who thank us for solving this problem for their husbands and boyfriends.”

Despite the increasing demands and the challenging economy, Riccobono maintains a relaxed managing style – “the opposite of corporate America – and is grateful for his family’s positivity amid the risks of owning a company. “There are many sleepless nights. If you fail, you essentially need to start over from scratch. There will be a lot more failures than successes, but you only need one to make it.”

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