How’s Your Movember Mustache Coming?

The month of November is 70% over. Have you been growing your Movember mustache? If not, there’s still time. First, you need to know what the heck I’m talking about. Movember is about raising awareness—and money—for the fight against prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. And growing an outrageous mustache during the month of November is a fun, funny, quirky, and, well, hipstery way to do it. So, Movember mustaches are hot. But even if your facial hair-growing abilities are limited, there are other ways to help

First of all, donate money. Movember is the real deal, so if you send a couple of shekels their way, you don’t have to worry that you’re just buying some sham charity bigwig another ivory backscratcher. Nope, the bread goes to research toward a cure. 
Next, buy a bunch of Movember stuff. Nifty gear like Toms Shoes, Streaker Sports shorts, and Palmer Cash tee-shirts with hi-larious mustache-related slogans are available, and every purchase advances the cause. You could dress in head-to-toe Movember merch, and you’d be the bee’s knees. 
Finally, drink Foster’s Australian beer, because they’re proud partners of Movember, and that kind of thing ought to be encouraged. Plus: Beer!
So, as worthy as the cause is on its own, I know that some people automatically tune out when they hear the dreaded C-word (charity). Kudos to the Movember folks for infusing this important issue with fun. And it is personal. My dad had prostate cancer, but he’s better now, thanks to a weird surgery involving frickin’ laser beams. But those laser beams need research and funding to do the magic they do, so grow your ‘staches, donate your money, wear the gear, and support cool people like Kevin Connolly and Morgan Spurlock, who are throwing their weight and whiskers behind the cause. Grow, groom, give, and feel good. 
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