Garance Doré’s Holiday Wish List

One of my favorite style bloggers is French photographer and illustrator Garance Doré. She has a natural fashion flair all her own, but when paired with her equally stylish boyfriend, Scott Schuman (a.k.a. “The Sartorialist”), it is almost too much fabulousness to bear. So when Garance shared her holiday wish list with Harper’s Bazaar, I paid close attention. See what she wants for Christmas, after the jump.

1. Personalized stationery from Smythson: I am trying to write more letters.


2. A new diary. 3. Dinner with all my family together: It’s difficult as we’re all in different places. I would love to have us all be together for just one night. 4. A year of massage/spa treatments: amazing! 5. A ring by Gaia Repossi.


6. A vintage Kelly Bag—in red.

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