First Look: Rad Hourani’s Unisex Collection #6

Season after season, Rad Hourani takes us closer to the future of fashion. His latest work restates his androgynous vision, but also reveals his dominant focus on minimalist versatility. It’s no surprise that the pieces in “Collection #6” are unisex, restrained to a black and white palette. But the exciting new twist lies in one fact: the collection consists of 22 looks made from only six garments. Each multi-functional piece is empowered by the use of zippers and fold-over details, by turning a collar into a belt with a single zip. Cloaks are reversible leather-to-wool, and make just as much sense worn backwards as they do forwards. Garments like the white dress with black zippers incorporate takeaway pieces, useful for layering new sleeves onto an alternative look.

What I admire about Hourani is how he demonstrates the beauty in discipline. He has all the resources required to build quantity, but it’s his strict focus on quality and purpose in his designs that keeps us all on the edge of our seats. View more looks and watch the Collection #6 video here.

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