Fashions You Can Get Away With Now That Google Glass Is Here

It’s the nature of human desire: you want something until you have it, then you complain. At the turn of the century, we asked where the jet packs and wearable head-mounted computers were; now, with Google finally supplying the latter, all we can do is ridicule it. Case in point: the Tumblr “White Men Wearing Google Glass,” which sprouted up to shame early adopters this weekend.

But the dudes presented here don’t care one whit. They are happily ensconced in the warm embrace of Mother Google, 24/7. They need never fear looking away from a screen for one second—probably a few have given up blinking altogether. But this raises an interesting question: if it’s now borderline acceptable to wear what resembles an eye-controlled Bluetooth phone used by the Borg in Star Trek, what other crimes against style will no longer seem gauche? 

For one, I think the cell phone holster will gain some cred. Most idiots will be walking around with electronics strapped to their skulls, and the man with the leather clip-on belt thingy for his ancient BlackBerry will seem an attractive anachronism. I also predict a rising cool factor for tiny fedoras, which will no longer be the most laughable headgear. Finally, we can anticipate an explosion in sales of Croakies elastic bands: how else are dorks going to keep their future-goggles on?

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