Correct Culture: Fearsome Hats Pose, Kenny Scharf Glows

Shop Till You Drop – Patricia Field has been ground zero for forward fashion seemingly forever, but her new featured hat collection by Trivia’l raises the bar. Designed by Neon Music, the hats are fiercely futuristic, severely surreal, and at times tastelessly tongue in chic. Upside-down black crucifixes are given a couture edge, while the skull is reinvigorated by a fresh sprinkling of black plumes. There’s a showgirl on acid feeling throughout, but the novelty is tempered by a polished perfection and carefully crafted finish. Beyonce is a fan and picked up a not so subtle style to wear on her current tour. These creations are for the un-faint of heart who like to make a major entrance worthy of the most dedicated diva.


The Stuff You Need Right Now – Two things a correct modern girl simply can’t wouldn’t and should never go without: fabulous ink and even more gorgeous lip gloss. She already has the tats, but singer/actress Theo Kogan wanted to fulfill one of her biggest dreams — to be a beauty mogul. Her line of luscious lip glosses, Armour Beauty, features shades like Gazarri’s (inspired by an 80s hair meta club in Los Angeles) and Cat Club and are impossibly glossy and super ultra bright. Theo can currently be found performing with her band Theo & The Skyscrapers and starring in short films like Rob Roth’s beyond brilliant “Screen Test.” Theo, as usual, continues to inspire on so many fronts, and her first foray into the world of beauty is literally flawless.

Blog or Die – Most gay blogs are either complete porn or completely boring. Not so Beachcruiser BlackBook (no relation), a rare mix of subversive gay pop culture, random horny dudes, and up- to-the minute homo-centricities. This blog provides a correct preview of its soon-to-be-published companion zine, Beachcruiser, which oddly enough is based in Asbury Park, NJ, proving that you don’t have to be in Chelsea to be at the center of the gay universe.


Tag You’re It – The three completely random examples of street art pictured here were all found within a two-block stretch of Williamsburg, proving that when it visually rains, it fucking pours. I love the simplicity of the Preston tag with its cursive font lazily scrawled across a makeshift skateboard.


The Japanimae bug-eyed character of the second one keeps it tight and correct …


… while the makeshift cut, color, and collage style of the last is (literally) off the pages of Juxtapozed, proving that some of the best art in trendy magazines is better seen smack dab in the street and not some pretentious gallery.


Party Like It’s 1985 – Kenny Scharf had the craziest blacklight party in the basement of his Willburg studio this week and not only treated each guest to an original neon face painting, but rocked a correct undies-over-gun print tights look that had the kids gagging. Scott Ewalt spun a monster mash of boogie-down classics while $1 Buds kept the crowd from getting thirsty. By 1am it was a steam den of fluorescent freaks, frugging the fierce away and oblivious to the sudden streaks of their melting make-up. The magic brownie hit just as Stephen Saban, Michael Schmidt, and Lisa Edelstein all magically appeared as if we were back in 1985 and the Palladium’s Mike Todd Room had suddenly come back to life. Trip me the Fu*k out. BTW: Check out his new book, Kenny Scharf, out now from Rizzoli and featuring an awesome array of his favorite work from the past 25 years.

All photos by Walt Cessna.

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