Brooklyn Flea Coming to Williamsburg; North Brooklyn Rejoices

Entering its fourth year in April, the Brooklyn Flea is changing things up slightly—instead of alternating between Saturdays at the high school playground in Fort Greene and Sundays at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (also in Fort Greene), the Flea is moving to Williamsburg proper for Sundays, starting this summer. The lot is an as-yet unused space on the water between North 6th and 7th Streets and owned by EDGE, the real estate company behind much of North Brooklyn’s recent vertical waterside expansion.

Destined to become the grounds for the last of three towers in the residential complex, the space is comparable in size to the playground and will be landscaped in time for the Flea’s summer move. If it means a delay on another giant waterfront condo, we’re all for it!

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