Two Articles On Bottle Service That Are Completely Clueless

There have been two recent articles professing the end of bottle service that I am being asked to weigh in on. The first: an article by Hardeep Phull on NYPost, and a story by Megan Willett from Business Insider. Both profess a "Chicken Little" approach to bottle service when all that’s really happening is an […]

A Collection of Credulous Responses to Onion Articles

The Onion, America’s premier joke publication, is just that: a joke. It seems unbelievable that people could take articles like “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex” and “Obama Finally Tells Rambling Tom Vilsack To Shut The Fuck Up During Cabinet Meeting” as true reports. Unfortunately, some people haven’t gotten the memo. There’s an awesome Tumblr […]