Your New Hangover-Recovery Spot: Mulberry & Vine

You know the deal: it’s Friday morning, you chugged two cocktails and an extra whiskey shot at Mother’s Ruin last night in an attempt to impress The Girl In The Tank Top, thus surrendering any chance of lucid, functional thought today. Well done, I say. Your reward: Mulberry & Vine, the new, to-go healthy spot in Tribeca for all your hangover-recovery needs. 

Dishes like pulled pork sandwiches, spicy sesame soba noodles, and chicken enchiladas are hard to make healthy – but Mulberry & Vine achieves this impossibility with its global, local ingredients that go easy on the fat and grease and heavy on the quinoa and lettuce. Even the decor has an au natural feel to it, with reclaimed-wooden tables and a balcony for sipping their chia lemonade and ravenously chowing down on turkey meatballs.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be way on your way to hangover-recovery… and ready for that 6pm gin and tonic. Onward.

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