Who Wants to Buy a Hummus Factory?

Well, friends, the interactive portion of South By Southwest has drawn to a close, which means Austinites are (generally) free to roam as they please without having to hear someone’s ill-conceived startup pitch. But if SxSW didn’t quite quench your thirst for new entrepreneurial ventures, there is somewhere else you can go. That magical place is Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where some lucky business adventurer with a lot of money can now own their very own hummus factory, according to a Craigslist ad (h/t Mark Slutsky) and this ad on BusinessesForSale.com, which puts the bidding at less than $100,000. How can you lose?

As the ad reads, in English and in French (spelling errors left intact):

“Local successfull Hummus factory for sale.

Existing production line and distribution.

Only serius buyers.”

There are obviously a lot of questions here, such as why is this real estate going so cheaply if it is, indeed, and if it’s so “successfull,” why is it being sold on Craigslist, but, you know, maybe I’m just being a naysayer. Maybe this is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you’re up for it, go forth and make your dreams come true, and celebrate your good fortune by rolling in a pile of chickpeas. 

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