Urth Caffe


8565 Melrose Ave West Hollywood CA 90069
(310) 659-0628

What’s the coolest lunch spot in West Hollywood? Few would argue if you guessed Urth Caffé on Melrose, one of the premiere places to be seen in LA. This is where Vince and Turtle liked to kick back on Entourage, and it’s the perfect hang for you and your crowd as well. As you weave through the patio and into the café you’ll notice an abundance of, well, really, really good-looking people. The sight of so many flawless faces and fashion-forward outfits might make you think you’ve stumbled into a photo shoot, so make sure you’re wearing your boldest outfit and most stylish shades. Your friends will appreciate the eye candy, but  Urth Caffé wouldn’t be as popular as it is without its amazing whole bean organic coffee and farm-fresh food. Take a seat and nosh on a salad or sandwich as you catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip. Sip the richest—and prettiest—coffee you’ve ever had as you watch trendy professionals meander toward the Pacific Design Center. And no matter how close you are to the perfect beach bod, indulge in an enormous piece of gourmet pie–even if you have to share it to justify the calories. The desserts here, like the fresh-baked coconut royale cake, are to die for. On your way out, don’t be surprised if you see paparazzi lurking on the street with long lenses. You and your crew can photo-bomb the shot, and then see if it shows up in one of your favorite rags. It’s just another afternoon in La La Land.
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Photograph by Jennifer Balaco
Edited by BlackBook

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