Toasty Times: Top NYC Bars & Restaurants with Fireplaces

Hey, look outside: snow! Or rather, melty puddles! New Yorkers found themselves with their first decent snow of the season on Tuesday, we’re expecting over six inches today, and no marker strikes us as better for some fireside drinking than some First Real Snows in the city. After the jump, a few picks on places to cozy up to a fireplace in Manhattan — yes, a functional one — and get your warm, insulated drink on.

1. Beekman Bar and Books and Hudson Bar and Books: These two posh, library-themed bars — Beekman on the way-East Side, Hudson in the West Village — both feature one incredible, rare, NYC staple of yore: legalized indoor smoking. Some wackadoo loophole in the law allows them to get away with this (bars in the East Village should get hip to it, like, yesterday) with both a cigar menu and a deep booze selection.

2. Savoy: SoHo standby for those who get pushed away from The Balth, Savoy’s skeeze New American before New American was New again — we don’t get it, either — but the room is the coziest thing you’re going to find in that neighborhood since Uniqlo’s cheap cashmere.

3. Lobster Box: Outer-borough action! One of three reasons to go to the Bronx (the other two: the zoo and Yankee Stadium. Some would argue they’re one and the same, to which we say “C.C. will melt your face.”). Lobster Box offers a beautiful view of the Long Island sound beyond it, and on a cold night, fireplace blazing, no dining destination in the Bronx is even remotely cooler. Though some have asserted that the prime product has diminished lately; bottom line is that it’s (relatively) cheap lobster, in the Bronx, and probably one of the only restaurants in the area you’ll need a reservation for. Take it for what you will.

4. Shoolbred’s: A big, dumb Scottish pub that doesn’t give a shit about you or your numb Yankee toes. Who needs warmth when you can have the Scottish delivering you the Manhattan Cold Shoulder in a kilt, with an under-poured pint to go with it? Exactly. This bar is awesome.

5. The Waverly Inn: Assuming you can get in — which, let’s face it, you probably can’t — you can enjoy celebrity sightings galore, along with the Waverly’s famed truffled mac n’ cheese and a healthy dose of feeling less-than-adequate in the face of far more famous, beautiful people. The upside: their self-immolation-friendly* fireplace, naturally! Toasty! (And now with angry mobs at no extra charge.)

* Unless you’re a Buddhist monk trying to make a meaningful statement — and even then, iffy grounds — BlackBook does not actually endorse the practice of self-immolation. We still don’t think you’re getting into the Waverly, though.

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