The Marrow Arrives, Bringing German-Italian Fare to the West Village

Chef Harold Dieterle has done Thai at Kin Shop, and seasonal American at Perilla, and this time, he brings contemporary German and Italian flavors their latest West Village eatery, The Marrow.

“I’m really excited to cook food that ties back to my family’s heritage,” said the chef, noting that this restaurant doesn’t have any Asian influence like his other ones do.

Dieterle and his co-owner Alicia Nosenzo also mentioned they had always wanted to cater to the neighborhood since those local customers have been an important part of their business ever since opening their first shop, Perilla.

The restaurant opened up right before Christmas, and there, Dieterle dishes out skillet braised cuttlefish, pickled herring salad, brisket “braciole” with house ground polenta, and pan-fried duck schnitzel.

To drink, beverage director Jill Roberts, formally of The Harrison, has created a menu with around 400 wines, seasonal cocktails, and craft beer. All which can be downed at your table, or at the large, L-shaped granite-topped bar.

Inside, designer Glen Coben warmed the 70-person space with homey, butcher-block tables, red leather banquettes, and patterned wall coverings. Large, wrap-around windows let in plenty of light during the day, which, once they start lunch and brunch, diners can take full advantage of. Until then, you have a lovely view of Bank Street by night.

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