The Dish: Yerba Buena Perry’s Rib Eye Ceviche

Get up close and personal with the recipes and concoctions that make our mouths water at culinary establishments around our great city. Sit back and prepare to salivate as BlackBook presents: The Dish.

What: Rib Eye Ceviche with cilantro, rocoto, peruvian corn and sea urchin. Where: Yerba Buena Perry, the dimly lit, always bustling Latin bistro. Ideal meal: Yes for girls night on the town and avoiding that lonely feeling on a weeknight. No for having “the talk” (or really any talk) over a meal. Because: Chef Julian Medina’s perfectly tangy, finely sliced strips of rib eye pack a punch. Tastes like: An explosion of Latin zest all over your mouth, with perfectly crispy corn kernels to finish it off. Bottom line: Well worth the $14 cost for an appetizer, but definitely won’t fill you up, even on the model diet. Keep on ordering.

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