The Dish: Maialino’s Malfatti al Maialino

What: Malfatti al Maialino—suckling pig ragu, arugula, and hand-torn pasta Where: Maialino, the 11th addition to Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group portfolio, serving Roman-Italian fare in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Ideal meal: Date night or hosting out-of-towners. The bustling, lively arena of Maialino’s farmhouse interior, facing Gramercy Park, is an excellent backdrop for a one-on-one where intimate conversation requires some leaning in. Also a picturesque destination resto for New York newbies. Because: Maialino means suckling pig, and she lives up to her namesake. Tastes like: Suckling pig falling apart almost without a knife, and the pasta will remind you of farm-raised eggs, lightly doused in creamy ragu. Bottom line: $21 from the Primi section of the menu. Easily doubles as Secondi. But practice sharing if you’re starting with this one. It’s on the heavier side, and no one wants to roll you home.

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