The Dish: Macbar’s Mac Lobsta’

What: Traditional macaroni noodles paired with fresh lobster, cognac, tarragon, and mascarpone. Where: Delicatessen’s lil’ sis, Macbar, where the line may be long, but worth the satisfaction of walking away with a warm, gooey macaroni dream encased in a mac-shaped container. Ideal meal: Downtown late night or on-the-go during a Soho/Nolita shopping spree (beats the hell out of street meat in either case). Because: Big sis next door specializes in comfort food and the siblings share a kitchen. Plus, it’s summertime and New York is close enough to New England, so lobster’s fair game any time of day. Tastes like: Lobster roll meets a mature version of that Kraft blue box childhood favorite. Lobster chunks are pretty hefty and coated generously (but not swimming) in mascarpone cheesey sauce. The cognac gives the guilty pleasure a subtle kick-back. Bottom line: At $8.99/$12.99/$17.99, it’s the most expensive mac bowl on the menu, but worth a sampling. Impossible not to try a few (also recommend, the Mac ‘Shroom for a slightly more orthodox recipe), so start with a small and see how it goes. This one’s also on the heavier side of the mac n’ cheese realm.

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