The Dish: Má Pêche’s Bánh Mì Maison

What: Bánh Mì Maison, a three terrine sandwich, with daikon and cilantro. Where: Má Pêche. David Chang’s Momofuku Midtown outpost in the Chambers Hotel is French-Vietnamese at its best. Ideal meal: On-the-go amidst the midtown rat race, barside after work paired with a Dark and Stormy, mid-day snack just ’cause you can. Only available at the Balcony Bar (11:30 am through 11 pm). Because: Chef Tien Ho has been on board with Chang since ’06, when he jumped in as Chef de Cuisine at Ssäm Bar. Although the transition from lunch to limited dinner menu at Má Pêche has taken some time, the bar menu is accessible and, without argument, incredible. Tastes like: Pate and pork roll literally melting on your tongue, coupled with a crisp-around-the-edges, moist-in-the middle baguette. The pate is just fatty enough to make your taste buds swoon, but not greasy—and definitely memorable. Bottom line: $10. Not exorbitant, and it’s a filling sammie. Even more reasonable when you realize that most Midtowners will spend the same amount on a soggy deli roll sandwich or a meal deal at chain restaurants.

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