Shake it Up

In New York, you can always find romance on a couple’s night out, even while you’re waiting. Take Shake Shack, the beloved burger joint. There’s always a line, but that’s part of the fun, since you can chat up the friendly crowd as you await the delectable fresh-ground, all-natural Angus beef coming your way. The Shack’s original NYC location is in Madison Square Park, where big trees, 19th-century elegance, and classic architecture all come together.

Give a wave to the Shack Cam, where hungry souls are looking at you with envy from their computer screens. One taste of a ShackBurger’s savory crust and juicy blend of brisket, sirloin, and short rib and you’ll understand. Take a seat under the branches, where strings of lights twinkle overhead, and grab two straws to share a frozen custard “concrete” with your significant other. It’ll take you back to the lazy summer nights and hopeful crushes of your youth. Or go the grownup route with a beer or house wine. Either way, a romantic nighttime picnic in the heart of the city is worth the wait.

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[Photo: Ozmafan]

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