San Francisco Opening: Hakkasan

As restaurants morph into global brands, excepting Nobu, it’s hard to imagine a greater juggernaut than Hakkasan. To wit, the once nouveau bringer of avant Cantonese cuisine has made the jump from London to Miami to Dubai to Mumbai. Now Hakkasan arrives in San Francisco, a city arguably jaded to every level of Asian food, so the bar is set preposterously high.

And once again aiming for Michelin plaudits, this SF outpost expectedly proffers the brand’s intersection of serious dining (Black Truffle Roasted Duck, Stir Fry Lobster in XO Sauce) and theatrical interiors, this time a reputed $10 million stunner by venerated designers Gilles & Boissier. Indeed, sexy, latticed dining areas and an illuminated cobalt bar imbue this Hakkasan with a distinctive, futuristic drama.

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