Roadfood vs. BlackBook

imageRoadfood is fairly self-explanatory. It’s an online hub for reviews about food on the road. The content is mostly geared towards one-off roadside stands and local mom n’ pop style eateries. It’s best for that road trip across America that you always wanted to take. However, they’ve managed to creep in some reviews of places that are located inside big cities, and coincidentally, they’ve covered a few spots that are on our list. I’d like to do a little side by side comparison to see who really manages to nail the vibe of the place:

A Salt & Battery (West Village) We said: “Perfect fish ‘n’ chips wrapped in London newspaper spotted with grease.” They said: “A British favorite, done right, in NYC.” Winner: BlackBook. Reference to greasy newspapers always win.

Crif Dogs (East Village) We said: “Dingy little dog shack with authentic East Village ‘tude and that bar you’re not supposed to tell anyone about in back.” They said: “If you’ve got the munchies, Crif can probably satisfy your craving. ” Winner: Tie. BlackBook clearly has the advantage with the bar reference, but Roadfood manages to slip in a maryjane call, so it’s a tough one.

Dessert Truck (Greenwich Village) We said: “Tasty treats truck. No, seriously, that’s it.” They said: “Warm, gooey, bittersweet, crunchy, lush, and impossible to stop eating: pure heaven!” Winner: Roadfood. Though a bit overzealous with the descriptions, I’ll give them points for making me want to try it out.

Economy Candy (Lower East Side) We said: “This is why we have so many goddamn cavities.” They said: “A Lower East Side institution.” Winner: BlackBook. Clearly, cavities win.

Gray’s Papaya (Greenwich Village): We said: “Bring your allowance to worship at this dog dais, where four bills and change covers a drink and a double wiener bounty.” They said: “One with kraut and one naked.” Winner: BlackBook, by an inch. They said naked, but we said wiener.

I’m biased, but I think BlackBook emerges as the clear victor here. Roadfood does, however, have an advantage with all the food porn shots on their site, but to that I say — where’s your iPhone app? Huh?

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