Ralph Lauren Wants To Make You A Latte

If you’re living the RL lifestyle, surely you’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time checking on the thoroughbreds before settling into 12-year-old cognacs by the pre-war hearth. But Ralph has also apparently become sensitive to the reality that you would never be caught dead waiting in line at some or other soulless corporate bean purveyor.

So the chap (we just know you got that pun) who made classic Americana into a monumental way of life, would also like to tend to your daily caffeine fix, and do it in the sort of style to which he’s helped you grow accustomed.

Ralph's Coffee Image 2

And so it is that the new Polo Ralph Lauren flagship, on a typically rarefied stretch of Fifth Avenue, has debuted (and just in time for NY Fashion Week) what we hope is the first of many branches of the uncomplicatedly monikered Ralph’s Coffee.

Come for signature organic coffees and espressos, juices and teas, sandwiches and swish sweets, stay for the atmosphere of dashingly insouciant elegance and urbanity…and, of course, leave with a classically tailored blazer and a comfy sweater or three.

Ne’er were we more perfectly braced for the coming of autumn’s chill.

Tally ho, then!


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