Oyster Frenzy at Grand Central Oyster Bar

The annual Oyster Frenzy is upon us again. This Saturday, join chefs Peter Fu of St. George, Staten Island, and Anthony Walton of The Boathouse in Central Park, as they slurp, shuck and suck oysters at the all day Oyster event in Grand Central Oyster Bar. Hosted by Fine Living’s Stephen Phillips, it will be a veritable cornucopia of oysters: cooking demos, 16 varieties of oysters to taste, and a frenzied Professional Oyster Shucking Contest at 1pm, to be followed with a Beer Shucking Competition at 2:35pm. And for those who like to get sloppy with it, there is a “Slurp-Off,” open to anyone who wants to down a dozen as fast as possible. The prize—12 oysters in your belly.

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