Openings: Marche on the Square, San Francisco

imageRemember when the only thing that could possibly wring the banality out of a grocery shopping trip was the lady with the free sausage samples? Ah, but that all seems so 20th century now, does it not? Just opened in July on Ghirardelli Square is San Francisco’s snappy new Marche on the Square — which seems intent on sophisticatedly re-imagining the “sustenance acquisition” experience for a cagey new generation of hungry urbanistas.

In addition to the usual quotidian tasks, one can browse an array of local cheeses and farmers’ products or allow one’s self to be dazzled by what they refer to as their on-site sushi and floral artisans. If you’re like me, however, and are usually loath to spend another evening at home, plunk yourself down at the Marche Wine Bar and thrill to an apoplexy-inducing selection of more than 25 vins au verre. But wait … that’s not all. No, upstairs, the also eponymous Bar Marche serves up Frenchie bistro food against magnificent, sweeping bay views. Whither, sausage lady?

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