Openings: JetBlue’s Terminal 5 @ JFK

It hardly need be pointed out that we pine longingly for the days when airline travel was all sexy and glamorous, and political correctness hadn’t outlawed the use of the “stewardess” (though, mind, we’d never dream of referring to her as “toots”). But those groovers over at JetBlue, apparently understanding our considerable pain over the matter, have decided to open the terminal of our dreams this fall at the interminably construction-riddled JFK International Airport. Built adjacent to the venerated but tragically moribund Earo Saarinen 1962 TWA Terminal — perhaps trying to absorb some of the hope for the future that it once inspired — the new Terminal 5 will be spacious, light-drenched, and a shining symbol of the once great modern ideal.

But, oh, most glorious and wonderful of all, especially for those of us who’ve never really felt quite right sidling up the bar at the airport Bennigan’s — JB T5 will be a flying-foodie’s paradise. To wit, Mark Ladner of Del Posto will head up Italian trattoria AeroNuova, Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr of Pastis and Balthazar helm the menu at La Vie brasserie, Buddakan and Izakaya’s Michael Schulson will oversee the pan-Asian Deep Blue; but our restaurant of choice for T5 epicurean adventures will undoubtedly Roberto (Rosa Mexicano) Santibanez’ Revolucion, because, of course, nothing will help you sleep through another bad airplane flick like a couple of magnifico margaritas and a chips-and-guacamole doggie bag.

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