New York: Top 5 Spots for Latin Lovers

imageEver felt like leaving your inner gringo at home and cha-cha-ing through the night with the help of a little (or a lot of) tequila? Engaging in some libidinous reggae grinding, or chatting up a couple of sizzling golden mamis? You’re in luck, guero.

1. Baraza (East Village) – This warm and sexy enclave in Alphabet City hits you with the perfect combination of sweaty salsa-dancing babes, stiff caprihainas that carry you through the night, and an awesome string of beats including cambia, salsa, meringue, reggaeton, and samba. Cuba in the middle of Manhattan. 2. Café Noir (Soho) – A hip tapas bar with a titillating vibe. Chic Euro-South American crowd infiltrates the dimly lit, comfy interiors. Excellent Moroccan fusion tapas make this place a SoHo favorite. Regulars love the “not too sweet” sangria and strong mojitos.

3. Bembe (Williamsburg) – This is the place to be when you really want to jiggle your jelly while screaming “ay caramba” at the top of your lungs. It’s a loud, high-energy bar and lounge where you can get down and dirty to whatever the dreadlocked DJ is spinning that night — usually a mix of salsa, meringue, cumbia, and some reggaeton. 4. Talay (Harlem) – Get bottle service smack in the middle of Harlem at this upstairs lounge, where many Latina beauties are known to hang — much to the excitement of the regular stream of doctors who frequent the hotspot after long shifts at the nearby hospital. 5. Calle Ocho (Upper West Side) – The food is nothing to rave about, but the eight different types of mojitos make this place a given.

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