New York: Top 10 Twittering Food Trucks

Like our pals on the West Coast, NYC has its own motorcade of fussy, high-end snack trucks, and if anything, we’re further along in grumbling about how they’re twee-ifying street food. Note that one trend’s strong here: it’s sugar fiends keeping these Twittering trucks in business. Locals may know enough to leave Magnolia to the tourists, but they still love their cupcakes and cookies. Mommy!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (@biggayicecream ) – Closed for the season, this newcomer won people over this summer with a body-fascism-defying menu that included a Choinkwich (an ice-cream sandwich with caramelized bacon) and the poignantly-named Salty Pimp (olive oil and sea salt forming an unholy foursome with dulcet de leche and vanilla soft-serve). ● Calexico (@CalexicoCart) – Given that the carts for this SoCal-via-Brooklyn restaurant never move from their two SoHo locations, following their tweets may be less essential than other sites. That doesn’t mean the carne asada’s any less awesome.

Cupcake Stop (@CupcakeStop) – Cupcakes! In all the modern urban flavors (red velvet, brownie cheesecake, coconut creme), in modern sizes (normal and freakishly wee). ● Le Gamin Truck (@legamintruck) – The long-running mini-chain of coffee-shops has been taking its crepes and sandwiches on the road for over a year. Faves include anything with merguez and cheese, and fries are on offer too. ● NYC Cravings (@nyccravings) – The homey Taiwanese dishes here may not stand out in one of New York’s Chinatown, but in midtown, the garlicky fried chicken and can seem like a godsend. Maybe it wouldn’t wow them in Flushing, but it definitely beats am $8 Pret sandwich. ● Schnitzel & Things (@schnitzeltruck) – Do you like fried, breaded meat with a side of tangy potato salad? I bet you do. This straightforwardly named place has your back — we just hope they avoid any fistfights with the fellow Teutons who sling the hash at the (Twitter-free but also delicious) Hallo Berlin cart. ● Street Sweets (@StreetSweets) – Be ready for a bake-sale flashback at this truck, where the brownie recipe could have come from a Betty Crocker cookbook (this is a compliment). Also on offer are croissants that can be enriched with various fillings (choosing anything other than Nutella would be hard, at least for me). ● Treats Truck (@thetreatstruck) – When one of the trucks is actually named Sugar, you know what you’re getting into. At this blessing for midtown’s probably jittery, possibly chubby cube jockeys, the treats come with slightly infantilizing names, but the prices are a bit better than nearby delis, and the freshness is a lot more assured. ● Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream (@VLAIC) – The website recalls Daily Candy at its most overbearing and sweet, but that doesn’t make the ice cream any less addictive. For these chillier months, these merchants of butterfat also serve complicated brownies and other baked goods. ● Wafels and Dinges (@waffletruck) – Two years old, this waffle-n-toppings truck is now an old-timer on the scene. Keep the Twitter feed near at hand — it doles out occasional passwords and commands for customers, such as doing a “donkey impression,” that are good for free extra toppings and the like.

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