Marcus Does Tea

Is there anything Marcus Samuelsson can’t do? As the celebrity chef launches a line of tea this week that he created with Harney & Sons, it appears he has a foot in just about every door possible—and I am not the only one who thinks so. Just over a month ago, the Red Rooster chef and owner came out with his hyped-up (yet engaging) new book, Yes Chef, and this past Sunday The New York Timeshad a feature on the chef and his accomplishments; past, present, and future. It appears this chef is unstoppable.

But, at least now, he has reason to settle into a more civilized pace, sit down, and enjoy a cup of tea. His tea line is called Ambessa, which means “lion” in Amharic and is the traditional emblem of Ethiopia. Samuelsson offers four whole-leaf blends that follow the timeline of his life. This includes: a Kenyan and Tanzanian estate blend called Safari Breakfast, after his birthplace; Ligonberry Green, after his adoptive home in Sweden; the dessert-like Choco Nut black tea, for his Swiss apprenticeship; and the smoke-tinged Earl of Harlem, which symbolizes his current location and, some might say, status.

At least with Samuelsson’s small takeover, he continually is giving back to society. To celebrate the launch of the tea, he is making a donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to help support UNICEF’s water and sanitation programs in underserved areas. You can buy the new tea either online or at the SoHo location of Harney & Sons. What’s next for the chef? We can only imagine.

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