Las Vegas: Top 5 Spots to Make Up for Not Eating or Sleeping for 24 Hours

imageRunning on empty? Refuel here.

1. Big Mama’s Rib Shack (Off-Strip West) – Award-winning BBQ and scrape-the-container sides. Pick up drive-thru, eat, and return to battle. 2. Noodles (Strip: Central) – Every variation of noodle Asia has to offer, served up quick and hot in a soothing minimalist setting. 3. Fatburger (Strip: South) – A kingburger with fries can probably soak up a fifth of vodka.

4. Blueberry Hill (Off-Strip East) – Waitresses with Tammy Wynette hair bring big plates of homestyle food. Local franchise is Las Vegas’ fave hangover cure. 5. Delmonico’s (Strip: Central) – Sometimes you need to eat an enormous steak in surroundings that force you to become civilized again.

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