Kickstarter of the Week: An Epic Dinner Party From ‘The Feast’

A group in New York wants to host a massive celebration of food, music and innovation—but one that seems a little less Googa Mooga and a little more World’s Columbian Exposition. The Feast is a network of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and altruistically-minded folks who host events to connect like-minded people together to do good. With their next project, The Feast is looking to Kickstarter to launch the World’s Largest Roaming Dinner Party, although this one probably will involve more networking and less crudités and semi-awkward games of "Would You Rather?" Instead, Jerri Chou and the fellow feasters will be making toolkits for people around the world to host dinner parties, get together over good food and drink and bounce off ideas on how to change the world. The team is raising funds to create a World’s Fair-evoking (World’s Fare… see what they did there?) pavilion in a New York City warehouse for an after-celebration on October 6th with lots of music and live entertainment, opportunities for innovators to show their stuff and, of course, food. At time of writing, they’re about $6,000 short of their $20k goal with a week to go. 

This is not to be confused with another dinner party that happened this week you may have heard about on the Internet. Last night, Mitch Prensky, executive chef of Philadelphia restaurant Supper, held a dinner party recreating the masked ball sequence from Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to the erotic hit of the summer, Fifty Shades of Grey. Guests could dine on salmon tartare, rosted duck breast and foie gras and sugar-crusted walnut chiffons while browsing intimate apparel and toys from local adult store Coeur. This thing is a phenomenon, and it cannot be stopped. 

Watch The Feast’s Kickstarter video below:

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