It’s National Chocolate-Chip Cookie Day! NYC’s Five Best Morsels

Of America’s culinary contributions – the apple pie, the juicy cheeseburger, the mac & cheese – perhaps its finest is The Chocolate-Chip Cookie. At its best, its gooey in the middle, warm with crisp edges, and a minefield of rich chocolate-chip chunks. And at its worst, it’s simply dough and chocolate – and my, is that wonderful. But today is National Chocolate-Chip Cookie Day, when these doughy, little saucer-shaped desserts are celebrated for the joy they bring to us and the world. Here’s where to find NYC’s Five Best Chocolate-Chip Cookies.

Paradis To-Go: the gooey, crispy, and chocolatey-chip morsels are such a hit at this dainty café off Union Square, that the spot offers Chocolate-Chip Cookie punchcards. Get yours.

Levain Bakery:  the guaranteed line round-the-corner says it all about this beloved Upper West Side bakery. And the shocker: they don’t even offer a chocolate-cookie chip. The closest is their chocolate-chip walnut (see photo) – but that doesn’t stop purists and cookie monsters from salivating outside their doors daily.

Jacques Torres: crispy, thin-as-a-pancake, and loaded with long, slender chunks of fudgy chocolate-chips, this high-end chocolate shop’s cookie is simply masterful. 

Birdbath Bakery: this East Village green bakery brings new meaning to "sustainability" with its frisbee-sized, stackable cookies that sustain you for 3+ hours.

Salt of the Earth Bakery: salty, sweet, and absolutely delicious is this online company’s "Choco-Rama" chocolate-chip cookie, flanked with a buttery, oatmeal base, artisan E. Guittard chips, and sea salt crystals. Scoop up the morsels at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Fairway, Balducci’s, and more

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